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LIVE Recording – Increasing Organizational Motivational Intelligence™

There are rare business leaders that are seemingly able to do the impossible.  Visionaries like Elon Musk sent a car hurling towards Mars, Steve Jobs put a computer in everyones pocket, Oprah Winfrey inspired an entire generation. This seminar is the story of how they, and so many others, were able to do what no […]

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Growing without Killing Your Culture

A next round of financing, a disruptive and innovative technology, double digit expansion, merging two organizations together – each offers a world of possibilities and the potential for everything you value most about the business to be in jeopardy of withering away. Why? Because with each new employee, the culture, your culture, gets diluted a little […]

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11 Lifelong Leadership Lessons That Can Be Learned on Minimum Wage

A little while back, Geoff Williams, a writer for U.S. News and World Report reached out for some thoughts regarding advice for teens heading off for their first job. (You can find a copy of Geoff’s article here). As my teenage daughter had recently embarked on her first job, so I shared some thoughts with […]

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How Motivationally Intelligent™ is Your Organization?

In 460 BC, philosopher and wise sage, Guatama Buddha said, “What you think, you become.” In 150 AD, Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.” In 1861, scientist, Charles Darwin said, “Our highest possible stage is when we recognize we ought to control our thoughts.” For more than 2,000 […]

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Why “Sales” Is Not a Dirty 5 Letter Word

In an ever increasingly complex world that is ruled by innovation, continuous evolution and disruptive technologies, products and solutions are oftentimes far from simple. Yet one thing remains constant, virtually all buying decisions are made by human beings, people who need to understand and commit to the value of bringing in something new or trying something […]

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20 Simple Leadership Lessons That Will Unlock Your Life

I am fortunate to work for an organization that has allowed me to spend the last 25 years traveling the world consulting with major corporations and helping employees to succeed. Throughout this journey, I have spoken with thousands of groups and from each, people have shared their experiences, insights and wisdom. I have done my […]

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Fail Frequently, Fast and Forward

What if the one thing you avoided most, something you dreaded and feared, was the most important part of succeeding? Most people hate the very idea of failure. They loathe thinking of themselves as coming up short, missing the mark and not succeeding. For many, just the possibility of failure is enough to convince themselves […]