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Mastering the Language of Millennials

It was wheels up and we were just barely through the cloud ceiling at 10,000 feet, heading to Las Vegas – my final destination. I was to share the following day with 100+ salespeople and sales managers from one of our clients in the hospitality…
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The Secret to Your Organization’s Innovation: The Power to Create

Although more than 86 years have gone by since his last breath, much of today’s modern life conveniences owe their origin to the innovative spirit of Thomas Edison. With more than 1,090 patents to his creative ledger (the incandescent bulb,…

Team Motivational Intelligence™ Assessment

Measure your team's Motivational Intelligence™. Looking for insights into your team's performance and behavior? There may be more to it than you think...   Take the Team Motivational Intelligence™ Assessment here.
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BlueCross BlueShield: Motivational Intelligence in Sales

While BlueCross BlueShield of Ohio had enjoyed a leadership position within the “Blues” network for many years, the organization was beginning to struggle as it attempted to expand market share and realize a significant competitive…
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Baker Hughes: Sustained Business Impact

In 2007, Fortune 150 Company Baker Hughes retained 2logical to design and implement a Global Sales Leadership Development Program. As a Leader in the Energy Sector, Baker Hughes recognized rapid growth in market opportunities, yet…