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How Motivationally Intelligent™ is Your Organization?

In 460 BC, philosopher and wise sage, Guatama Buddha said, “What you think, you become.”

In 150 AD, Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius said, “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

In 1861, scientist, Charles Darwin said, “Our highest possible stage is when we recognize we ought to control our thoughts.”

For more than 2,000 years, the world’s greatest minds have all been saying the same thing. But perhaps what is more amazing is how few leaders have actually listened to them.

Maybe leaders turn a deaf ear because every day we are besieged with meetings, emails and the never ending fires that must be fought. Or maybe it is because we must contend with the litany of excuses we hear, the barrage of people rationalizing why something won’t work, or the thundering herd of individuals resisting any form of change desperately trying to stay in their comfort zones.

I suppose once you consider all the distractions, it is little wonder why so many leaders fail to recognize the one fundamental thing, the only thing, that will ever allow them to rise above the noise and truly help their people and their team succeed.

For more than two and a half decades, 2logical has studied organizations ranging from fifty employees to more than one hundred thousand. We have looked at companies with revenues of five million to over one hundred billion. Throughout all of this research, we have studied the employees that have excelled and those that have struggled. What was the difference?

In looking at more than twenty-three thousand individuals, we made an interesting, but not so surprising discovery: those that excelled had a unique ability to understand, influence, and drive their behavior (and the behavior of others) in infinitely more productive ways. We call this ability Motivational Intelligence™.

It was this Motivational Intelligence™ that enabled them to overcome any obstacle, navigate past any issue and find a way to succeed regardless of circumstance.

Simply put, their mind was wired for success. As all the great thinkers of the past have said, the people who succeeded thought differently.

Within all Motivationally Intelligent™ people there are five core characteristics that consistently emerge. These behaviors are the effect of having a more optimal thought process and they profoundly influence how these people move through every aspect of their life.

The 5 Characteristics of Motivationally Intelligent People

Accountability: They don’t get lost in the finger pointing, blame and excuses that cripple others. We will see them take ownership of their goals and who they need to be to achieve those goals. We will also see them take ownership of their challenges, focusing on finding solutions where others just see problems.

Adaptability: They seek out feedback, and are open-minded and willing to listen to it. Where others fight and resist, they are willing to take a chance, try something new and adjust in whatever constructive way is required to succeed.

Resilience: Failures, setbacks and obstacles don’t throw them off track. They remain positive when others complain and have a negative attitude. They believe in themselves and their ability to persevere. They never quit. They just keep relentlessly looking for ways to succeed.

Initiative: While others sit back and wait, hoping that someone else will do something to fix the problem, people with high Motivational Intelligence™ see a problem and they fix it. They are driven and self-motivated. They get things done and own their commitments.

Courage: They aren’t afraid of change, they don’t fight and resist it rather, they embrace it. They realize that change is part of the natural order of life. People with high Motivational Intelligence™ are able to override their fears and move forward regardless. People with lower Motivational Intelligence™ allow their fears and comfort zones to define the actions that they take and those that they resist.

These characteristics are the signposts of a fundamentally different thought process. They are the characteristics of our most valuable people, the ones you would hire 100 times over, if we could just find more like them. This is what a Motivationally Intelligent™ person looks like.

While hiring for Motivational Intelligence™ inherently makes sense, it is not the only answer. As leaders, our highest fiduciary responsibility is to coach, mentor and develop the Motivational Intelligence™ of the men and women on our teams. This is how we liberate them, get them out of their own way and really help them to succeed. Simply put, there is no greater gift that we can give to our people, our organizations or even ourselves, than building the Motivational Intelligence™ of those around us.

So, how Motivationally Intelligent™ is your organization?

Are you as successful as you desire to be? If not, then the answer to the question above is – Not enough.

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