LIVE Recording – Increasing Organizational Motivational Intelligence™

There are rare business leaders that are seemingly able to do the impossible.  Visionaries like Elon Musk sent a car hurling towards Mars, Steve Jobs put a computer in everyones pocket, Oprah Winfrey inspired an entire generation.

This seminar is the story of how they, and so many others, were able to do what no what thought they could. Packed with tips, tactics and techniques you can use, this live recording will help you to completely reinvent yourself, your team, and your entire organization.

You’ll learn how:

  • A family business owner was able to buy the rights to Corona, and increase employee engagement by 29%
  • A sales leader was able to boost sales by 457% in 30 days
  • A new division head was able to attract $325 million in additional revenue
  • A customer service leader was able to retain $500 million in assets
  • An executive was able to quickly lead their company from #4 to #1 in market share, and decrease turnover by 81%

This is the story of Motivational Intelligence™.  One as old as time, refreshed with the most cutting edge research, to help you achieve more, and become the leader you know deep down you can be.

Download the slide deck here.


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